Abstractedly, Abutted, Accretedly, Adheredly, Afterwards, Again, Against, Aggressively, Alignedly, Antagonizedly, -ingly, -stically, Apparently, Apparitionally, Approximately, Aptly, Arrestingly, -edly, Assimilatedly, -ively, As Two Ships In The Night, Attraction (-edly, -ively), Avoidedly, Beforehand, Begotten, Bluntly, Brushedly, Casually, Cautiously, Clashedly, Cleavedly, Cloven, Coheredly, -ntly, Coitally, -ionally, Collided, Comprehensively, Concretely, -ionally, Confrontationally, -edly, -ingly, Conjugated, -ally, Conjuredly, Couplingly, Crossed, -ingly, -wise, Crucially, Defected, -ingly, Defendedly, -sively, Déjà vu, Diplomatically, Disjunctedly, -ionally, - ively, Dismissedly, -ingly, During, Elided(ing), (By) Elision, Engagedly, Ensconced(ly), Entrenchedly, Estrangedly, Evadedly, -ingly, Expectantly, -edly, Familiarly, Farewell, Fatally (etc.), Feintedly, Formally, Formerly, From, Greeted, Guardedly, Hid, -denly, Horizontally, Hyphenated, Infiltratedly, -ingly, Injunctionally, -vely, Insidiously, Interjectedly, -ingly, Intermingledly, -ingly, Interruptedly, Invocatively, -orally, -kedly, Joined, -ly, (-)Junctionally, -vely, Kaleidoscopically, Kamikaze(ly), Lap, -ped, -pedly, pingly, (At) Loggerheads, Longingly, (The) Long Way, Mono-, Nonobjectively, Objectedly, -ively, Obliquely, Obliviously, Observationally, - edly, Of, (In, Of) Orbit, Overlappedly, Passingly, Patiently, (In) Pause, Pausedly, Predatory, Preposition(al(ly)), Querulously, Reaction(ly), -ingly, Reciprocally, Redacted, Reflectedly, -xively, Rejectedly, -ingly, Relatedly, -ionally, Repeatedly, Reservedly, (In) Reverse, Rid, Seated, Secretly, -edly, Sectionedly, -ingly, Seeked out, (In) Skirmish, Sought, Stagedly, Stalked, Stumbledly, Surveilledly, Tangentially, Transversely, Triangulatedly, -ionally, UPDOG, Vertically, Very, Welcomely, Xerox, Yokedly, -ingly, Zigzaggedly, Zipped,

Forms in Japan

I. FORMS OF UNITY (Hatome No Katachi)

Forms of Continuation (tsuranari)
of continuation, of expansion, of openness, of dilation
Forms of Union (musubi)
of tying, of binding, of weaving, of joining, of bracing, of matching, of stopping
Forms of Collection (atsume)
of grouping, of gathering, of piling, of layering, of heaping, of bundling, of tightening, of grasping, of felting
Forms of Arrangement (kubari)
of pairing, of distribution, of complement, of surfeit, of discard, of scattering
Forms of Enclosure (kakoai)
of wrapping, of enclosing, which surround, of encirclement, which hide, which cover

II. FORMS OF FORCE (Chikara No Katachi)

Forms of Support (sasae)
which support, which hook, of tension, which suspend, which hang, which spread
Forms of Curve (magari)
of circling, of curve, of curvature, which rise


Forms of Fluidity (nagare)
which droop, which flow, which swirl, which rotate, which smear
Forms of the Natural (sonomama)
of natural things, of inlay, of firing, of texture, of impression

IV. FORMS OF CHANGE (Kawari No Katachi)

Forms of Reduction (chijime)
which are rolled, which are erased, which are folded, of storing, of bending, of shortening
Forms of Twisting (hineri)
of twisting, of twining, of dappling, of crumpling, of shaving
Forms of Severing (kirihanashi)
of tearing, of chipping, of splitting, of cutting, of severing, of dropping, of removing
Forms of Transfiguration (kuzushi)
of simplification, of difference, of disarrangement, of dancing, of shading, of open-work, of splashing

Yuichiro Kojiro, East-West Center Press, 1965

Richard Serra, “Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself” (1967-8)

  • to roll
  • to crease
  • to fold
  • to store
  • to bend
  • to shorten
  • to twist
  • to dapple
  • to crumple
  • to shave
  • to tear
  • to chip
  • to split
  • to cut
  • to sever
  • to drop
  • to remove
  • to simplify
  • to differ
  • to disarrange
  • to open
  • to mix
  • to splash
  • to knot
  • to spill
  • to droop
  • to flow
  • to curve
  • to lift
  • to inlay
  • to impress
  • to fire
  • to flood
  • to smear
  • to rotate
  • to swirl
  • to support
  • to hook
  • to suspend
  • to hang
  • to collect
  • of tension
  • of gravity
  • of entropy
  • of nature
  • of grouping
  • of layering
  • of felting
  • to grasp
  • to tighten
  • to bundle
  • to heap
  • to gather
  • to scatter
  • to arrange
  • to repair
  • to discard
  • to pair
  • to distribute
  • to surfeit
  • to compliment
  • to enclose
  • to surround
  • to encircle
  • to hole
  • to cover
  • to wrap
  • to dig
  • to tie
  • to bind
  • to weave
  • to join
  • to match
  • to laminate
  • to bond
  • to hinge
  • to mark
  • to expand
  • to dilute
  • to light
  • to modulate
  • to distill
  • of waves
  • of electromagnetic
  • of inertia
  • of ionization
  • of polarization
  • of refraction
  • of tides
  • of reflection
  • of equilibrium
  • of symmetry
  • of friction
  • to stretch
  • to bounce
  • to erase
  • to spray
  • to systemize
  • to refer
  • to force
  • of mapping
  • of location
  • of context
  • of time
  • of carbonization
  • to continue